For an overview of the academic year, see the Yearcalendar-MIx-2023-2024.

Please check the registration procedure for the enrollment deadlines. First year Medical Imaging students will be automatically registered for mandatory courses in September upon entering the Master’s programme. For all other mandatory or elective courses you will need to register via Osiris Student as described.

Other UU and TU/e partnership students can register for courses via Osiris Student.

Students from outside the UU or TU/E partnership can register for this course by sending an email to Please include your name, student number, Master’s programme and the course code.

Bachelor Course in Medical Imaging

PeriodCourse# ECTSType
P3 week 6 – 16Medische Beeldvormende Technieken7.5Bachelor course

Master Courses in Medical Imaging

P1 week 36 – 45Medical Image FormationRadiation Physics
Programming for Medical Imaging
P1 + P2 week 36 – week 5Image Processing
P2 week 46 – 5AI for Medical ImagingUltrasound in (Bio)medical Engineering
Advanced MR Physics 1: physics & sequence designRadioisotopes and Ionizing Radiation
Diffusion MRIElectromagnetic Fields in MRI
P3 week 6 – 16Advanced MR Physics 2: methods & techniquesCapita Selecta Image Analysis Eindhoven
Radiotherapy Physics
Image-guided therapeutic ultrasound
P4 week 17 – 27Light Microscopy for Biological Samples
P1, P2, and P3Team Challenge

Please register for a course via the link on each course description page (approximately two months (UU) or one month (TU/e) before the start of the course). Note that you have to attend at least one course (≥5 EC) offered by the TU/e.

Elective courses

In the Study Guide, you can view courses from other programmes and the general elective courses.

Optional courses from other faculties

The courses listed here are suggestions and, of course, not the only courses suitable for filling your free space. You can discuss your study programme with the programme coordinator. All proposals need to be approved by the Medical Imaging programme committee.

Up-to-date information on courses below can be found on the education site of the Faculty of Computer Science.

P2Pattern recognition7.5
Advanced graphics7.5
Geometric algorithms7.5
P3Computer vision7.5