The Image Sciences Institute, that hosts the Medical Imaging programme, is hosted inside the Academic Hospital Utrecht (AZU) building of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

  • Take the main entrance of the UMC (plan route).
  • Walk straight ahead following route Q, past the waiting area and shops.
  • Keep following route Q and enter the Q building through the blue doors.
  • Walk straight ahead, past the first elevators, in the direction of ‘Radiotherapie receptie 2’. After about 100 meters take the second elevator block on your left-hand side to floor 2 (note: this is not floor S, which is located between floors 1 and 2).
  • Turn left, the Medical Imaging office is the second room on your right (Q.02.4.45, tel. 69652)

Education rooms are located in the UMC Utrecht, in the Q building (room numbers can be found above the doors) and the Hijmans van den Bergh building.

  • The van Peperzeelzaal and Q 0S.226 are located on floor S (between floor 1 and 2): follow the directions above, after passing the blue doors take the first elevator block to floor S or take the wooden stairs on your right.  The van Peperzeelzaal is behind the blue wall. Q 0S.226 is on the left of the van Peperzeelzaal in the small corridor.
  • For rooms Q 0S.228, Q 0S.304, Q 0S.305 and the Auditorium follow the directions above and take the second elevator block to floor S. Turn left, follow the hallway which bends to the right.  The Auditorium is at the end of the corridor.
  • For room Q 02.423 follow the directions above to the Medical Imaging office, but turn right after leaving the elevator for the last room on your right.
  • Rooms starting with HvdB are in the Hijmans van den Bergh building
  • When MS Teams is mentioned as the location, the meeting will take place online. More information will be provided in the Team belonging to the course or course component in MS teams. Make sure to login with your UU MS Teams account.

Yellow lecture hall:

  • Use the main entrance of the UMC and turn left.
  • Continue past the Red, Green and Pink lecture halls and follow the sign towards the Stratenum to your right.
  • Continue through the small corridor. You will enter the reception area of the Stratenum. The Yellow lecture hall is on your right.

Micaffe: between the main entrance of the Stratenum and the reception desk, you will find the room entrance behind the seating area.

The Neudezaal, Vredenburgzaal, Dompleinzaal and Maliebaanzaal are in the main building of the hospital:

  • Take the main entrance of the UMC.
  • Turn left towards the Hijmans van den Bergh building.
  • Pass the Vermaat restaurant and you will see a black wall on your left. Here you will find the lecture rooms

The Tuinzaal is located on the ground floor of the HvdB building, opposite restaurant De Brink.