Radiation Physics (TU/e)

Course description:

In this course the basic notions from atom and nuclear physics are treated. From atomic physics we treat: waves and particles, atom models of Rutherford and Bohr, the Schrödinger equation, quantum numbers, x-rays and x-ray tubes. From nuclear physics are treated: structure and elementary properties of the nucleus, chart of nuclides, binding energies, atom masses, Q- values, radioactivity with alpha, beta and gamma decay.

PLEASE NOTE: this course is taught in Eindhoven; check Osiris Eindhoven for more information.

Literature/study material: Material for study and exercises are available during lectures. Modern Physics of Kenneth Krane, 3th edition (recommended).

Registration: register at TU/e, course code 8CM10 at least 2 weeks before the start of the course. Please note that you also have to register for the exam, information can be found here.
UU Osiris registration of grades: ask TU/e for a certified transcript by e-mailing csa.bme@tue.nl stating your TU/e student number and the coursecode and name. Then send the transcript to mix@umcutrecht.nl.