Radiation Physics (TU/e)

Course description:

In this course the basic notions from atom and nuclear physics are treated. From atomic physics we treat: waves and particles, atom models of Rutherford and Bohr, the Schrödinger equation, quantum numbers, x-rays and x-ray tubes. From nuclear physics are treated: structure and elementary properties of the nucleus, chart of nuclides, binding energies, atom masses, Q- values, radioactivity with alpha, beta and gamma decay.

PLEASE NOTE: this course is taught in Eindhoven; check Osiris Eindhoven for more information.

Literature/study material: Material for study and exercises are available during lectures. Modern Physics of Kenneth Krane, 3th edition (recommended).

Registration: register at TU/e, course code 8CM10 at least 2 weeks before the start of the course. Please note that you also have to register for the exam, information can be found here.
UU Osiris registration will be done retroactively when the results from TU/e have been received. Please also inform us that you have applied for this course by sending an email to mix@umcutrecht.nl.