Electromagnetic Fields in MRI (TU/e)

Course description: 

This cross-departmental course teaches the fundamentals of electromagnetic field generation in MRI. The course will be provided by electrical engineering and biomedical engineering combined and will cover topics such as Biot-Savart law, gradient coils, transmission line theory, RF antenna/coils, B1+/B1-, noise, SNR, SAR, parallel imaging, numerical simulations etc.

The course will be designed along the principles of challenge based learning. Therefore, the course is organized around one final goal: to simulate, build and test an RF coil for ultrahigh field MRI. For this purpose, the students are divided into multi-disciplinary groups of 3 to 5 students.

All corresponding theory will be provided to the students in pre-made modules. Modules may consist of a combination of lectures, video-lectures, reading material and exercises. Alongside of these modules, the students are expected to make progress on their design. Student groups will be supervised and monitored by a PhD-student during the course to safeguard their progress. At the end, when all coil arrays have been built, all student groups will travel to Utrecht (or use any other open-architecture MRI system) to test their coil.

Assessment is 50% based on the practical results and another 50% based on one final exam

Learning goals: upon completion of the course the student
– has acquired fundamental theory on EM-fields in MRI
– can apply low-frequency EM-field theory in MRI
– can apply RF field theory in MRI
– can apply knowledge of RF safety, tissue heating and SAR on RF coil design
– can cooperate in multi-disciplinary teams
– can simulate, build and test RF coils in MRI

PLEASE NOTE: this course is taught in Eindhoven; check Osiris Eindhoven for a more extensive description.

Registration: register at TU/e, course code 5LPE0, at least 4 weeks before the start of the course. Please note that you also have to register for the exam, information can be found here.
UU Osiris registration of grades: ask TU/e for a certified transcript by e-mailing csa.bme@tue.nl stating your TU/e student number and the coursecode and name. Then send the transcript to mix@umcutrecht.nl.