Major research project

The major research project is intended to teach students to independently perform a research project of 36 weeks (51 EC). Upon completion of the project, you should be able to set up valid experiments, to draw conclusions from the results and to present your results in a concise form. Your research thesis should be formatted like a journal paper.

Research projects can be performed internally (at the Image Sciences Institute or at another department of the UMC Utrecht).

All information regarding the major research project can be found on the GSLS Study Guide. Below, we highlight some Medical Imaging specific details.

Start your research project

Make sure to read the Study Guide – Start you research project pages. Contact the programme coordinator at least two months prior to the start of your major research project. Consider what you want to do (topic) and where in the UMC Utrecht you want to perform your project.

You will need a supervisor to guide you. If you have a topic in mind and you know whom to approach for it, feel free to ask that person to be your supervisor. If you have a good idea of some topics that interest you, but you do not know who could be a supervisor for those topics, contact us.

Duration, extension, and delay

Make sure to read the Study Guide – Duration, extension and delay pages. The duration of the major research project is 36 weeks (51 EC).

Interim assessment

Make sure to read the Study Guide – Interim Assessment pages. Additionally you should send a copy of the interim assessment to

Final assessment

Make sure to read the Study Guide – Final assessment pages. Your research thesis must be formatted like a journal paper, with a length between 8 – 12 pages. We advise you to use the IEEE (LaTeX or Word) template for this. Submit your research thesis at least on week before your concluding presentation to your supervisors, second reviewer, and the Medical Imaging programme committee (

Your concluding presentation will be given at the Image Sciences Institute, for which all researchers and other Medical Imaging students are invited. The presentation is to last about 20 minutes (25 minutes maximum), followed by questions from the assessment committee and the audience. To arrange this presentation, contact the education coordinator at least two weeks in advance. Include an abstract of your project, which will be used in the announcement of your presentation.

After your concluding presentation, the assessment committee will confer in private to decide on your grade and you will be called in to hear the end result. Directly after, the assessment form needs to be completed following the instructions on that form.

Read the Study Guide in case of changes to your examiner, second reviewer, supervisor or host institute and contact us.