Writing assignment

In your study programme, 7.5 EC (five weeks full-time study) are reserved for a literature study (writing assignment). All information regarding the writing assignment can be found on the GSLS study guide.

You are expected to read the ‘How to start’ steps and the document “GSLS Writing assignment guide for students” that you can find in the study guide.


The main aim of the literature study is to learn how to perform an adequate literature search on a certain topic and how to interpret the literature in such a way that an objective view of the current status of the research topic is obtained. The study should result in a thesis. The target audience of your literature study consists of researchers who are familiar with the field of medical imaging, but who are not experts on that particular topic (for instance, your fellow students).


You are free to select a topic that interests you (provided it is relevant to the Master’s programme), but the topic of the literature study must be clearly distinct from the research projects. For suggestions or help with finding a topic, you can contact the programme committee or ask the teacher(s) of a course.


Make sure to read the final assessment information on the Study Guide. Your examiner should fill in the assessment form and perform an Urkund plagiarism check. Next, the examiner should send to infobms@umcutrecht.nl, mix@umcutrecht.nl, and you (the student) the following:

  • the completed assessment form,
  • the written motivation for the final grade, and
  • the summary of the (Ouriginal) plagiarism check

You, the student, will receive a notification from infobms@umcutrecht.nl to upload

  • the PDF file of the writing assignment including the laymen’s summary