Medical Image Formation

Course description:

In this course the physics behind the most important medical imaging modalities will be treated. After an introductory lecture, x-ray imaging (radiography, fluoroscopy, digital subtraction angiography, computed tomography), ultrasound, nuclear imaging techniques (SPECT & PET) and magnetic resonance imaging will be discussed. The increasing importance of medical imaging for guiding surgery and minimally invasive radiological interventions will be emphasized. During the course, representative problems will be handed out and discussed.

Learning goals: upon completion of the course the student

  • knows the basic physics behind the most commonly used clinical imaging modalities
  • is able to optimize acquisition parameter settings for certain basic applications
  • knows the safety issues associated with the different imaging modalities
  • is able to recognize and explain the most common imaging artifacts related to the different modalities
  • knows the key areas of application of the different modalities

Literature/study material used:

“The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging”, Authors: Bushberg, Boone, Leidholdt and Seibert; 3rd revised edition ISBN-10: 1451118104
“Basic principles of MR Imaging”, published by Philips Nederland (to be purchased from the lecturer)

Examination: written exam at end of course

Date: 10 September – 9 November 2018

Registration: Apply at least 2 weeks before the start of the course via the study guide.