First part

Literature study

A literature study on this years topic, including: clinical relevance, image acquisition, and image analysis. This should be an eight page scientific paper, following the guidelines of the GSLS writing assignment.

Image acquisition strategy

A detailed plan on how to acquire images and measure relevant parameters for this years topic. The document should contain an exhaustive description of the preferred strategy in the form of a four page white paper.


A presentation of the image acquisition strategy. The presentation should last 10 minutes, after which there is 10 minutes for questions and discussion. The questions and discussion should come from all students; the supervisors will just be there to observe. In order to have good discussions, you should post your image acquisition plan in the #general channel on Teams (also on the deadline). All teams should then read each other’s plans, so you are well prepared to have a discussion. Specifically, each team should study one other plan in detail and start the discussion:

  • Team 1 studies the plan of Team 2 and starts the discussion
  • Team 2 studies the plan of Team 3 and starts the discussion
  • Team N studies the plan of Team 1 and starts the discussion

Second part

Image analysis implementation

Peer review assessment

Complete the evaluation survey.